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What is the refrigeration compressor impeller design


Refrigeration compressor rotor as the moving parts, the core part of impeller. Now centrifuge manufacturers both home and abroad adopt three yuan flow methods for impeller design. Ternary flow method requires the designer with numerical simulation and computational fluid dynamics, and the theory of internal flow field in fluid machinery very professional knowledge. Most domestic company technical personnel do not have the professional knowledge, to design efficient ternary impeller, only and the agencies of scientific research in higher educational institutions. University expert on centrifugal compressor in mainly chuan-gang gu professor of Shanghai jiaotong university, xi 'an jiaotong university professor shang-jin wang. Professor valley long engaged in compressor research, successively carried out 6 items of national natural science fund project, three yuan flow in compressor design, the compressor unit test, monitoring and control, system the surge, etc all have in-depth research, he has carried out the multi-stage compressor aerodynamic design technology and application "project won the 2004 national scientific and technological progress second prize. Team led by professor wang xi 'an jiaotong university self machine pump, with unique "controlled vortex impeller design theory", in the petrochemical industry in areas such as reform of the unit has a good application.

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