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Refrigeration compressor is how to achieve the effect of the refrigeration?


In the refrigeration system is not difficult to find its core is the refrigeration compressor, refrigeration compressor are semi-closed refrigeration compressor, the effect is different, so the refrigeration compressor is how to realize the refrigeration effect? For refrigeration unit manufacturers said.

Refrigeration system basic is divided into four main parts, compressors, condensers, choke evaporator (capillary, expansion valve). The refrigerant compressor pressurized to the condenser and evaporator, choke come through the larger refrigerant inside the evaporator space due to the effect of compressor, refrigerant is evaporated, and evaporation can take away heat, under the action of the compressor cycle, probably principle is like this. Compressor is the heart of the refrigeration system, it is from the suction suction low temperature low pressure refrigerant gas, through the motor run a piston to be compressed, exhaust pipes to the high temperature and high pressure gas refrigerants, provide power for refrigeration cycle, so as to realize compression and condensation - inflation - evaporation refrigeration cycle (heat). Generally speaking, shell, motor, cylinder, piston compressor, the control equipment (starter and thermal protector) and cooling system. Starter there are basically two kinds, namely heavy hammer and PTC. Which is more advanced. Cooling way has two kinds of oil cooling and natural cooling.

Refrigeration it is necessary, the summer is so hot, and there are so many people often heatstroke, vegetables are stored in a day not the began to rot, because no refrigerator, installation of refrigeration system of life is not the same.

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