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Machine is mainly composed of what parts


The working principle of the absorption refrigeration

Absorption refrigeration is using thermal energy as power refrigeration method, it is also used refrigerants vaporization heat to realize the refrigeration. Therefore, it has similarities with vapor compression refrigeration, the difference is both realize transferring heat from the low temperature to high temperature space using different compensation methods, vapor compression refrigeration with mechanical compensation, and heat absorption refrigeration used to compensate. And presents the working principle of absorption and vapor compression machine. Absorption refrigerating machine used in the working medium is composed of two different boiling point substances composed of binary mixture (solution). Low boiling point substances is refrigerants, high boiling point material is absorbent. Absorption refrigerating machine with two loops - refrigerant cycle and solution cycle.

Absorption refrigeration cycle of the working medium of refrigerant, the main with CFC as refrigerant has a chlorine methylene fluoride - dimethyl formamide for R22 - (DMF) methylene fluoride, chlorine - tetraethylene glycol dimethyl ether (R22 - E181) methylene fluoride, chlorine - butyl phthalate (R22 - DBP), etc. Under high temperature and low condensation temperature using R22 - DMF is advantageous, to lower temperature and higher condensation temperature, such as solar refrigeration system with the R22 - E181 as well.

A major part of the machine, such as generator, condenser, absorber, evaporator, solution heat exchanger, such as heat exchange equipment. From their form the pipe structure belongs to the tube and shell heat exchanger, just because they are in the role of different unit.

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